BMISS rules governing record attempts are widely accepted and the following is taken from Roman Candle 16

John Barker, Fred Bear and other Officials
Modified in the new millennia to include Flora and Fungi
NOTE: For categories I & II the bears must be lifted by a kite

Category I (the "classic" method):

1. Fauna must be of the soft-cuddly-type. (if it walks like a teddy bear and talks like a teddy bear......)
2. Real parachutes (minimum eight gores) must be used.
3. Each parachute must be in a separate pack, attached individually to each fauna.
4. Minimum weight of each fauna, ready to drop, must be eight ounces (250 grams).
5. Each fauna must be attached separately to the dropping mechanism(s).
6. No bagging, batching or multi-packing allowed.

Category II (the "open" method):

1. Fauna may be of the soft-cuddly type or reasonable-facsimile-thereof.
2. Parachutes may be of minimal sophistication and/or material (single sheet of tissue, plastic etc.).
3. Each fauna must have his/her own parachute.
4. There is no minimum weight or size requirement.
5. A separate pack for each parachute is not required.
6. Bagging, batching or multipacking is permitted.

For both categories, only those fauna who's parachutes fully deploy will be counted as part of the total drop. For neither category is recovery of dropped fauna a requirement, since some are sure to be "nicked" or " souvenired" by the crowd.

Category III ("novelty"):

1. Anything goes, including -- but not limited to -- fauna dropped without parachutes, fauna dropped on bungee cords, fauna lifted but not dropped, multiple fauna dropped under one parachute, most female fauna, most fauna of a particular ethnic persuasion (Russian bears? Chinese pandas? New Zealand kiwis? American eagles? French frogs? Irish potatoes?) etc., etc., etc.
Printed as a supplement to The Bearly-Made-It List of Little-Known World Kiteflying Records. Copyright 1990 Dirt Cheap Press.

The Category 1 record was set By G. N. Locke at 39 on 31st May 1987 and this stood until May 1997 when Vic Walker with White Horse Kite Flyers lofted 101 bears of whom 99 deployed fully, one chickened out and one came to a tragic end. Who will be first to beat the 100 barrier?

Category 2 was claimed by Pete Coleman and Duncan McEvoy in 1994 at 289. These 2 Australians increased this the following year to 487. Who knows what it stands at now but this is the last record I can find ratified by the BMISS

Category 3
Indoor:- Mike Dalmer (Snr. & Jnr.) on 14th September 1995 from a height of 100feet inside No.1 Hangar(Airship), Lakenhurst, New Jersey.
Underground:- M. Lipscombe & R. Barnes at Hunter's Hole in Somerset. Height (or is it depth?) 180 feet
Cruelty:- D. Benson Jumped from a helicopter in Australia with 500ish bears using basic 'chutes stapled to their ears.
Highest:- On 24th August 2013 Dave Akerman launched a bear under a balloon and he was released at 39,000m over Berkshire.

If you have a record please send it to us and we will get it approved and record it on this site. There are many known about but not recorded eg.From a hot air ballon(BoF), fire appliance ladder(Ted Berets), stair wells, roofs, church towers inside and out, and at least one cliff.